March 15, 2014

I Think A Giveaway Is In The wind!

I want to giveaway a dollye. The question is to which one should I giveaway?  In the scriptures Acts 20:35 says "it is more blessed to give than to receive".  Let's see, should it be this one?
                                                                               Or this one?
Or maybe this one?
When should the giveaway be?
I will take all suggestions for the next 2 weeks into consideration! What a quandary!


  1. wow - they are all beautiful! I can testify as to how lovely and one of a kind they are too :)
    how about for Easter/Resurrection Sunday? It cost God His Son, but we received the free gift of eternal life and salvation by grace through faith ♥

  2. Thank you Jennifer! What a lovely suggestion! I'll probably give away all three. Blessings and hugs, Jan

  3. I agree with the saying on your sidebar about 'Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.' That is more in line with my life's scenarios. Thank the comfort of the Holy Spirits calming influences about that one.
    I do adore the dolly in pink. She is so precious!
    With me it's just that I am tired so much of the time. I think the high Fructose corn syrup they began slipping into so many foods finally caught up with our bodies, as fatigue is one of the symptoms.
    Hope you feel better as I know it's not fun to have life be a huge chore, when the body doesn't want to do much of anything. The spirit is willing but the body is not!
    Lots of prayers going up for you!
    Come on over for my 'Hues of Oz' giveaway as it runs until March 28th and the drawing is March 29th.


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