September 27, 2012

French Santos Cage Doll

Prim French Santos Cage Doll –A 23 inch tall doll with paper mache body, imported English mohair, silk florals, dried foliage, assorted necklaces made and found, embossed paper wings attached to vintage rose and pearl earring is removable, 1 grosgrain organza twig headdress, 1  pink rose twig head dress made of braided twigs (both removable/interchangeable), felt, paper roses, organza. Cage is vintage rosary, gold cherub, dried moss, flicker light silk florals, dove in handmade nest w/ handmade eggs, paper wrapped wire, decoupaged wooden base, signed on upper back, several coats of sealant, As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. This cage doll is a one of a kind  Cheeky Rose Boutique Original for $395.00 & S/H. Please email me at

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