September 25, 2012


Here is a ton of pics of Wendy the Good Witch! She is made from my own paper clay recipe and measures 14 inches tall with her Spidey Hat.  She is jointed at the shoulders and hips and her legs can be posed. Tea dyed, vintage, and new fabrics were used for her taggedy (not raggedy) dress. Her teeny shoes have leather soles with tan heels. I think she is rather sweet, don't you? 

Wendy was requested by a gallery for exhibit for sale with 30% of the proceeds donated for a center that cares for sexually abused victims and their children,  but she can also be paid for through this blog for $299.00 & S/H. She comes as displayed only with her hat and broom.  She is signed on upper her back protected with several coats of  sealant.  A wooden stand and display case may be requested for an additional cost and will be done within 3 days after purchase. As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.  Wendy the Good Witch is a one of a kind  Cheeky Rose Boutique Original.  


  1. Hello, dear Jan
    Thank you for your lovely comments to me. Wendy the Witch is incredible. Such lovely details and embellishments. Love the lighter muted shades of her attire. And her hat! It is so charming! I enjoy using laces to embellish things I make, they add such charm. What ever you wish dear lady about a Christmas present...I adore your creativity. My creative time has kind of been put on hold for a while as I just have so much to do around my house, that just getting the normal things done takes all of my energy and there is not much left over. It gets rather discouraging but I guess that's what happens when the body gets order. Ha!
    I can't wait for one of them brand spakin' new bodies the Lord has in store for us!
    love and hugs,

  2. Thank you Teresa you are my biggest fan, I think! Wendy was a lot of fun to do. Well, I will soon be starting your project so that I can take my time in case a blue funk episode comes along, I'll still have it ready before Christmas. I will post little tidbits as I go along. I intend to be finished around Thanksgiving, certainly before Dec. 1st. I am getting excited to know what it will be myself! Much love and God's best, Jan


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