September 30, 2012

The Three Apples of My Eyes

This is my daughter Nikki with her children A'Keyla(14) and Jonathan(10...he just had a b'day 9/27). They visited me today with Nikki's new fiance(Jerome) on their way to take Jon back to Miami (he lives with his dad) and was here for his B'day weekend.  Aren't they beautiful? God bless them with a safe journey there and back. Nana loves you guys!


  1. What lovely photographs. They look really happy!

  2. Hello and thanks Rhissanna! They are rather grinning like Cheshire Cats!

  3. Happy Birthday you your grandson Jon! It is wonderful that you could help to celebrate his day And that you could see Nicki and A'Keyla too! Isn't A'keyla a creative person? I seem to remember that she is.
    Hope ALL is well and creative in your world today, Jan!



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