June 4, 2015

The Madness Has Settled Down!

So, so much has been going on but it's getting where I can exhale a bit. I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth. God has been kind and merciful as I pushed thru challenge after challenge. This morning we had a positive outcome to a financial fight we were engaging. Thank God it's over and life can be a less stressful and actually fun.

My PTSD also was acting out and that makes things harder.  I have a great therapist and MD so I just try to follow their lead.

I am not sure when the creative activity will charge up but I am optimistic and hope it will be soon. Blessings to all, Jan

March 25, 2015

Picture Perfect Easter Bunnies...Just In Time For EASTER!!

Elegant Bunnies prim dolls -17 ½ inches tall, baby is 3 ½ inches tall, handmade paper clay heads, legs, arms, wire armature, body is premium stuffed fiberfill, baby’s arms are fabric, antique and vintage fabrics,  handmade wooden stand, signed on upper back, baby is attached to mama but is removable, several coats of sealant, tied to display box but is removable.  As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. All of the display boxes were handmade by me and can be displayed on a table, mantel or wall (hardware will be attached for hanging). Elegant Bunnies come with handmade antiqued tags and are a one of a kind Cheeky Rose Boutique Original for $199.00 &
See more photos on Etsy.

February 19, 2015

We Have A Picatoo Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly Deal on Google+! She's the winner of my blog party Gingerbread Picatoo Necklace!

Below are pics of other Picatoos I have made in the past. Aren't they cutey-wutey?

    What are Picatoos you may ask? According to my  granddaughter A’keyla, a cutie wutie picatoo is anything that is soft, lovable and colorful. It can be almost any shape, size or color combinations. It cannot be an animal, person or thing known to man, woman or child and it has to be more than one color and texture.  Most Cutie-Wutie Picatoos  have to be safe and able to be held by a child old enough to hold a sippy cup while supervised by an adult. Some have special embellishments and vintage jewelry and is for big kids only 12 and older. It is great company if one is sick at home or (God forbid!) in the hospital. A'keyla had several 5 years ago when she was at Children's Hospital and the nurses and doctors thought they were wonderful for sick kids! It is great for big people too and can be a comfort to have in an office to squeeze when the workday is more work than it usually is! It has to be made from natural fibers like cotton or wool on the outside and has to be  stitched or glued with non toxic adhesives and filled with a really super polyfil that doesn’t bunch. 
Most importantly of all, it must be a lot of fun and the best friend  ever to whomever is fortunate enough to own one.(or more!).

February 9, 2015

Under The Weather

Hi peeps! My husband I and were exposed to a nasty bug on Superbowl Sunday and have been as sick as 2 sick doggies.
He caught it first and so generously decided to share with me a few days later. Have a wonderfully well week!

January 25, 2015


 Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking the time to visit and to learn a bit about me. I hope you enjoy the "GROW YOUR BLOG" experience to the utmost and meet loads of interesting and lovely new friends. I will be gifting one visiting blogger with one of my handmade creations to enjoy for years to come. Happy blogging!!

I currently reside in Cape Coral, FL and am  retired from a 30 year nursing career in December of 2008 due to a diagnosed disability.  One day while surfing the net from pure boredom  I came across my first folk art doll site. It was love at first sight! I became obsessed with Googling all the sites and decided that I could "I can do that". I studied historical fashions and dollmaking techniques from library books. A month later I made my first doll (which I still have in my personal collection) a queen anne prim named "Charisse" which is my middle name. Oh by the way I love pink!!!!!

I absolutely love the handmade and one of a kind arts much of which I have or will attempt to conquer, especially all things "Christmas"! I have a special interest in historical dolls and associated needfuls. I enjoy making ornaments and garlands and have for the past 6.5  years educated myself to the process of doll making with paper clay/mache or polymer clay. My art items are "inspired" by all I survey in my environment with the use of God given creativity and ability. There are also other dollmakers who inspire me greatly.  I once studied interior decorating before eventually changing my major to nursing. I am a collector of home decor items both vintage and antique.

My work has been exhibited and sold  in several local galleries as well as on Ebay and Etsy. I have also contributed pieces for auctioning to special  organizations to raise money for the homeless, abused women and children, and the victims of sexual trafficking.

I am a gratefully born again Christian, beloved wife of Reggie for 6 years, mother of 1 adult daughter, a 16 year old granddaughter and a 12 year old grandson all whom I adore! I am also a veteran of the US Navy
 and salute all who has, presently is or will serve in our honorable Armed Forces.

My giveaway will be a one of a kind Picatoo Necklace, pictured in the blue hat. The drawing will be held  Wednesday the 18th of February. All who comment here will be entered one time only so be sure to leave your contact info. Happy blogging and have a ton of fun!