July 3, 2012

Lady Matida Frye

Lady Matilda Frye, Huge Prim Queen Anne C 1800’s-  35 inches tall, paper clay head and feet, wire frame, fully poseable, eyes antique amber glass beads,  75 year old chandelier earrings, imported English mohair,  hat with vintage flower , bum roll around  hips,  removable shoes, hat, shawl from 1860’s antique fabric with vintage  needle point brooch, shoes lemon-gold hemp, handmade wooden stand, vintage teaset in basket, signed on upper back, several coats of sealant. Can be removed from stand. As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Lady Frye is $395.00 & S/H. Please email me at cheekyroseboutique@live.com

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