March 30, 2012

Shame On Me!!!

I have been missing in action on so many levels. While my conscience  has been telling me to blog and share some of the happenings I did not want to be perceived as a whiner or complaining too much. Everybody has a story to tell, all kinds of unsavory things are happening to people everywhere!

 Now for my story.

 My beloved granddaughter A'keyla (she's 13 now!) as most of you know has  had medical challenges for the past 4-5 years with pancreatitis and the associated symptomology. This is a very painful disorder that causes severe abdominal distress, projectile vomitting  and can lead to even more severe problems involving the common bile duct and liver. Scarring is always a concern (and pancreatic cancer- an aunt on her dad's side succumbed to it 9 years ago- along with auto immune diseases) and the specialists are unable to find the exact causation, as it is not that common in young children. She has had multiple hospitalizations ranging from 3 days to two weeks. Her last epsiode ended with her being emergently transported from Naples to The Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood, Fl which is about 135 mile trip. As a result she was hospitalized almost a month and her mom took a leave of absence from her job to stay at the hospital with her. Oh, by the way, she had her gallbladder removed when she was 4 during the same time that the aunt was dying.

I tell you having children with medical problems keeps you in a serious prayer mode and stretches your faith in God to a new level! She had to have major surgery with a diagonal surgical incision from just beneath her breast to just above her pubic area. After I made peace with the idea of the worst that could happen I decided to believe God for her complete recovery.

In addition mom was having dementia episodes at her nursing home and problems with her feet not healing(she's diabetic and 92). I was there everyday with her so was unable to go to see A'keyla. Again I had to stand strong in my belief that God has A'keyla's back and everything else. 

This story has a happy ending thank God (although the specialists did say that this surgery may not be the end of it... I chose to have faith that is! 

There was so much more going on during this time that I will just say only the grace of God got me through (and my hubby bless his heart!).  The silver lining to all this is that it has taught me to trust in God and know that "He's got it!" no matter what. I love Him so!!