September 29, 2012

Esmeralda, Ink & Blacky Are Finished!!

Halloween must be just around the corner. There are witches and things popping up everywhere! Esmeralda has arrived and brought her favorite pets with her. Sitting atop a pretty flower hat is Ink the Spider and Blacky the Cat.

Esmeralda is made from my own paper clay recipe and measures 14.5  inches tall  including Ink.  She is jointed at the shoulders and hips and can be posed sitting or with a stand. Her top is made from a vault velvet and the rest was constructed of fabric flowers. Her shoes are painted felt with vintage diamond buckles and velvet ribbon. Her cotton pantaloons are stuffed with premium fiberfil and accented with black lace. Esmeralda's hair is white mohair with black wool accents. She is signed on her upper back. She as well as Blacky have been painted with artists' acrylics and sealed with several coats of protectant.

Blacky is also made from paper clay and Ink is constructed from black felt with color accents. As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.  Esmeralda  The Witch is $299.00 & S/H and is a one of a kind  Cheeky Rose Boutique Original. Please email me at

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