July 11, 2012

Lady Nocturnia...Queen of the Night

Eternally watchful, Lady Noctunia never sleeps, but stands guard with her skeletal scepter!!
Lady Nocturnia, Queen of Day of the Dead Doll- 13 ½ inches tall, 9 inch scepter with skull, handmade paper clay head, legs, arms, wire armature for careful posing and sitting,  body is premium stuffed fiberfill, fabrics are 6 layers of netting, feathers,  2.5 inches of intricate designer lace, vintage faux diamond, signed on upper back, several coats of sealant, tied to display box but is removable.  As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Lady Nocturnia is a one of a kind Cheeky Rose Boutique Original for $199.00 & S/H. Please email me at cheekyroseboutique@live.com


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