July 16, 2012

Santa Blue in Auction For Charity Event

Santa Blue is making the rounds!
                  Santa Blue has a new owner and is now living in a mountainside home!


  1. Hello, Janice
    Hope you do really well here with this auction event and reach some people for a good cause.
    Blessings to you
    And I finally got the finishing touch element for your French style pillow in the mail yesterday so do expect it to arrive next week, as I will probably be shipping if off at the latest by this Thursday. I wanted it to be of heirloom quality so I had to be satisfied with it before I mail it out.
    It has been a busy summer, but a good one.
    I think of you often!
    love and hugs,
    Oh! I love your Blue Santa!

  2. Hello my friend and thank you so much Teresa! I look forward to the gorgeous French style pillow! It shall be one of my most treasured possessions! I can tell by visiting your site that you have been one busy bee. I hope Santa Blue is only the beginning of God using my talents to bless those who are hopeless and devastatingly hurt! It is my strongest passion to make a difference and give God glory! Much love, Jan

  3. Dearest Jan,
    I adore seeing YOU and your Santa BLue in the gallery! You go girl~
    You are a beautiful woman and
    YES to you painting!!



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