August 5, 2012

I'm A Featured Artist!!!!

I'll show pictures and info post event in a few days. How exciting!


Press Releases

Art Walk - Aug

On the first Friday of every month, art buyers and art enthusiasts can meet the artists during the show openings at most of the galleries.
This fall will also see the return of the Saturday Art Fair along the sidewalks of First Street. The seasonal event will be resume in October and be held on the third Saturday of each month through April. Artists interested in this juried art fair should contact Claudia Goode at or call 239-337-5050.

Some art highlights of the Friday, Aug. 3 Art Walk:

- Art of the Olympians: The museum celebrates the life and accomplishments of a great Olympic hero, four-time Olympic gold medalist in discus, artist Al Oerter, with its current exhibition.
- Art League of Fort Myers: Opening reception for Anything Goes show. Young Artists Awards vocalists Noelle Aparte and sisters Sarah and Elisabeth Best will be performing at the Art League from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
- Articulture Gallery & Tattoo Studio: Group art show.
- Arts for ACT Gallery: Opening reception for  exhibits featuring the artist Zaki, doll maker Janice Moore-Petty and a group exhibit from 10 members of ACT Gallery: Lana Picciano, Kate O’Connell, Linda Benson, Manfred Behr, Christina Jarmolinski, Christina Wyatt, Ken Kaminski, Ellen Sayet, Susan Mills and Claudia Goode.
- Showcase and Information Center at IberiaBank: Art Walk T-shirts are available at this location as well as buttons, maps and brochures.
- HOWL Gallery/Tattoo: Opening reception featuring a one man show of the pop-surrealism paintings of Fort Worth tattoo artist and painter Pooch.  What We Do Drummers and Crickets Make Math perform.
- Ocasiocasa Studio Gallery: New show opening called Bloomin’ on Broadway, featuring new artwork by co-makers Jeff and Dale Ocasio, centered around our season’s wettest, muckiest, most blossoming and glorious month.
- Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center: Opening for G3: The art of three generations of the Lamers family. This exhibit will showcase the art of (dad) Ken Lamers, daughter Shell Lamers Redfern, son Mark Lamers, son Michael Paul (with daughters Mandalin and Jennifer), son Marty Lamers, son Kent Lamers and son Kevin Lamers (along with wife Angi and their children Macy and Sawyer). Each member of the family will present works at the August show. There will be a vast variety of music and art, as well as delicious hors d'oeuvres and desserts by Mary Lamers.
- Space 39 Gallery:  Group art show.

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  1. This is great! Janice to have your doll work featured and recognized. Every special occasion like this helps your name to be recognized, and I know you work hard in all that you do.
    I am STILL working on your very special French Style pillow. All of the elements have to come together before I can be satisfied with the results and I am learning about applique techniques and using fabric tack to make sure and edges don't fray. I want my work to last way after I am gone! Ha!
    Hope you are having a blessed summer. These old bodies don't like the heat, but at least we have air conditioning or I would hardly make it.
    Thank you for stopping by with kind regards to Denise who was also in on one of the Fairy ning sites too. Her 'my page' in Cloth and Clay is still available for viewing as Jane Des Rosier was notified by me that Denise had 'passed on'.
    I think it is a nice tribute to leave her 'page' up for viewing.
    love, and hugs
    Teresa ; )


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