October 29, 2013

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You!

 Would you like the opportunity to grow your blog and meet new and creative bloggers as a reward?  Well Vicki of 2 Bags Full will be hosting a international  "Grow Your Blog" party on January 25th, 2014.  This will be my first time participating and I can hardly wait! Visit her link for all the news on when, where, and how. I will be having a giveaway here to celebrate the event. Mark your calenders and don't miss out on all the fun! Check out the poster in my sidebar and be sure to sign up no later than January 15th.  

October 14, 2013

Happiness For Val and Wendye!

I must share this post from Valerie W, Wendye's new owner! It made not only my day but from an artistic point of view my year!

Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 22:01:56 -0700
From: faerieweather@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Wendye The Goode Witch
To: cheekyroseboutique@live.com

It is almost 1am earliest Monday morning...I just opened your box and met Wendye...She is unbelievably beautiful Janice...I have sat her quietly for at least an hour just holding her and examining her...I just silently laid her down by my pillow and will be turning out my light in a moment...She is precious in every way...You created a Dollie out of real love and artistic ability...Wendye has a heart and a soul...Gorgeous!...Thank you so very
much...I will treasure her and not fail to have her and all my others...left as a collection...of one of a kind witch dolls...designed and handmade and from all over the world...I will write further to you again soon...a take good care...Bless you Jan...xox

October 8, 2013

Punkin Girl Is Gone Already!

The lovely proprietress of  The Rustic Gathering a charming country store in downtown Cape Coral, Fl took one look and fell in love. Punkingirl's new home is a whimsically glorious country decor store and she has loads of friends to play with now. I'm happy for her and a bit jealous really.

Farewell Dear Wendye We'll Miss You!

My little girl Wendye The Goode Witch has a new mom Valerie  in Pepperell, MA. She and her trusty broomstick are winging it eastward even as I write this post. Farewell dear girl, Farewell!

October 6, 2013


Punkin is sold to a local prim shop owner!
Punkingirl is listed wuth Mr Gobble on Etsy.  I saw Mr. Gobble in a Prim Magazine a few years ago but I added  a Lincoln top hat. I used canvas material for Punkingirl's head, arms and legs as well as Mr Gobble in entirety except his hat. Punkingirl's body is osnaburg stuffed with rags and fiberfill. Her arms are wired so she can be made to hold another item. She has been painted and aged by sanding and applying a coffee/tea stain. Her hair is stitched wool roving, Her facial features are found  and stitched objects including sliced pine cones for eyes. Her outfit is all handsewn and attached. She is a large doll measuring 30 inches tall from the top of her handmade felt stem to the bottom of her feet,. Mr. Gobble is just about 7 inches including his hat which is wired to bend anyway you desire. Lots and lots of work went  into these lovlies and all was  made with love.

October 1, 2013


So Dollye finally got a bonnet! The big orange guy and the turkey sidekick should be finished by the weekend.  I have to grunge, give her/him a face and make the clothing,

 Wendye the Goode Witch has a new owner! Valerie W. from Pepperell, MA became  enamored and purchased her!
She'll be winging it to Valerie in a few days!  For all you witch lovers Esmeralda is still available to purchase on Etsy!