October 6, 2013


Punkin is sold to a local prim shop owner!
Punkingirl is listed wuth Mr Gobble on Etsy.  I saw Mr. Gobble in a Prim Magazine a few years ago but I added  a Lincoln top hat. I used canvas material for Punkingirl's head, arms and legs as well as Mr Gobble in entirety except his hat. Punkingirl's body is osnaburg stuffed with rags and fiberfill. Her arms are wired so she can be made to hold another item. She has been painted and aged by sanding and applying a coffee/tea stain. Her hair is stitched wool roving, Her facial features are found  and stitched objects including sliced pine cones for eyes. Her outfit is all handsewn and attached. She is a large doll measuring 30 inches tall from the top of her handmade felt stem to the bottom of her feet,. Mr. Gobble is just about 7 inches including his hat which is wired to bend anyway you desire. Lots and lots of work went  into these lovlies and all was  made with love.

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