August 8, 2014

It's A Jungle In Here!

Here's photos's of new projects I am working on. So far they've been sculpted, sanded and gessoed. A cat, a fox and a rabbit oh my! These will be different but fab! Have a lovely weekend!

July 21, 2014

Still Here!

It's been a weird 6 weeks for me. I've been wanting to create but absolutely unable to do so. Is it the PTSD? My mommies' passing? Post menopausal syndrome? The humid stormy weather? Or a combination of any or all of these? My studio is a mess. I can's decide on a color scheme so I have blotches of different shades of paint on the walls. I want one wall to be a vintage floral pattern but have not found exactly what I like. I really can't paint until I decide on the wallpaper.

I want to take up the boring beige carpet in put down wood or a lovely tile that mimics wood. I want to make curtains for the window once everything else is done.

 I also need a shelving system. Maybe I should consult with a professional organizer or decorator. Lord help me to get it in gear!

June 2, 2014

Resting with Jesus!

Hello my friends! This is to share with you that Mommy slipped away home to Jesus at 2:10 am this morning. She would have been 94 on June 10th. What a gift she was to her family and so many others. Thank you Lord for the gift of her life!

May 15, 2014

Peruvian Water Lilies For Me!

Nikki presented me with this lovely display of flowers with a gorgeous card from her, Jay and the children. She also served my Reggie and me a delicious home cooked dinner.  Simply beautiful!
The rose azaleas are from a gorgeous brilliant little boy named Boaz and his mom at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. So pretty!

A'keyla was baptized at Friendship last Sunday! She was one of 11 precious souls who did so. Plus she did her first communion.  Blessed be God!


May 10, 2014

The Month of May

 It's my birthday month, my brothers, birthday month, and Jay's(my daughter's fiance)  birthday month. I was born on May  20, 1957 in Gary, IN at Methodist Hospital. For my parents it was a very joyous time.
Unfortunately, for others May is a month to mourn. Perhaps there was a divorce, or the lost of a special beloved friend or family member. Which ever pertains to you know that I rejoice with those who rejoice, and with all the love of God in my heart, I mourn with those who mourn.

April 28, 2014

My Humble Apologies

I have been so neglectful of everything blog and dollie that I am enormously ashamed. There has been several very serious family complications and of course this just multiplied my anxiety and depression to the nth degree. I feel as lifeless as the limpest of limp noodles. God help!! I think of you all often but just could not garner the energy or strength of mind to communicate. It's been a month for peace sake! I fully intend to have a drawing for my dollie giveaway as soon as some normalcy comes to fore. Also the projects are covered in dust from lack of attention. I think a feel a panic attack at my elbow!

March 29, 2014

Couture Fabrics With Hand Beading!

Silks, satins, sequins and beading, oh my! As promised photos of couture stash that I will be using for bunnies. I already have a request for a red and cream custom bunny! And I have to post pics of a black and yellow one I have finished and a cream one that is half done. What I have left will be used for another couture animal or so. I hope to have at least 6 done and listed on Etsy or Ebay in time for Easter.

I have to apologize for getting distracted from Minnie #2 and the little doll. I can't help it, I tend to jump around like that sometimes. But no worries! I'll be getting back to them soon. Have a blessed weekend!