October 22, 2017

Long Time No Blog!

It has been forever it seems since I have posted here. I went to some of my longtime blog friends sites and the same can be said for them. I wonder why? Some blogs have disappeared such as Rochambeau. I googled for her and she is nowhere to be found. This causes me anxiety and I can only home and pray she is ok.

My creativity has been stunted to say the least, however I have found a new interest. For the past year I have been obsessed with Blythe dolls. The come in 3 sizes...petite blythe, middie blythe (it's spelled correctly) and the large one is just blythe.They have big heads and the large one has changeable eye colors when an attached string is pulled. Go here to get the lowdown on this fascinating wildly popular doll. She can be customized and some are sold at crazy prices. Just google as there is a ton of info and pics available. I have purchased several and will hopefully learn to customize and make clothing for this doll.

We shall see what the future brings. Oh by the way I do have several of my art dolls including a witch on ebay for sale! Go here to see them and bid! Blessings!

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