July 12, 2012

Hildegarde(Hildy) The Witch & Tilly The Pumpkin

Hildy and Tilly are impatient for the Halloween festivities and insisted on dressing early!Hildegarde (Hildy) A prim witch- 12 ¾  inches tall, handmade paper clay, wire armature ,  Tilly pumpkin staff (attached to Hildy’s wrist)  9 ½  inches tall, moon and bat mobile attached to Hildy’s wrist, hair is dyed lamb’s wool, hat is removable, vintage trim, arms and legs can be carefully posed, signed on upper back, several coats of sealant, tied to display box but is removable.  As with any valuable artwork store and display away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Hildy and Tilly comes with handmade antiqued tags and are one of a kind Cheeky Rose Boutique Originals for $199.00 & S/H. Please email me at cheekyroseboutique@live.com. 

                                                Hildy & Tilly are sold!




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  1. I love your witch and pumpkin! Very lovely details and Hildegarde I see is created in a 'Queen Anne' style, I believe? Of course, her 'beauty' marks or 'ugly' marks is what really makes me smile! Your dolls are as great as always. And I am STILL working on that French pillow for you! It has taken a bit of time to find the perfect items to make it. I haven't forgotten! I will let you know when I mail it, which will probably be next week.
    Yes, I am trying to stay indoors during this hot summer of ours. Even getting into the car for a few minutes before turning on the air conditioning is almost too much heat for me.


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