January 25, 2015


 Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking the time to visit and to learn a bit about me. I hope you enjoy the "GROW YOUR BLOG" experience to the utmost and meet loads of interesting and lovely new friends. I will be gifting one visiting blogger with one of my handmade creations to enjoy for years to come. Happy blogging!!

I currently reside in Cape Coral, FL and am  retired from a 30 year nursing career in December of 2008 due to a diagnosed disability.  One day while surfing the net from pure boredom  I came across my first folk art doll site. It was love at first sight! I became obsessed with Googling all the sites and decided that I could "I can do that". I studied historical fashions and dollmaking techniques from library books. A month later I made my first doll (which I still have in my personal collection) a queen anne prim named "Charisse" which is my middle name. Oh by the way I love pink!!!!!

I absolutely love the handmade and one of a kind arts much of which I have or will attempt to conquer, especially all things "Christmas"! I have a special interest in historical dolls and associated needfuls. I enjoy making ornaments and garlands and have for the past 6.5  years educated myself to the process of doll making with paper clay/mache or polymer clay. My art items are "inspired" by all I survey in my environment with the use of God given creativity and ability. There are also other dollmakers who inspire me greatly.  I once studied interior decorating before eventually changing my major to nursing. I am a collector of home decor items both vintage and antique.

My work has been exhibited and sold  in several local galleries as well as on Ebay and Etsy. I have also contributed pieces for auctioning to special  organizations to raise money for the homeless, abused women and children, and the victims of sexual trafficking.

I am a gratefully born again Christian, beloved wife of Reggie for 6 years, mother of 1 adult daughter, a 16 year old granddaughter and a 12 year old grandson all whom I adore! I am also a veteran of the US Navy
 and salute all who has, presently is or will serve in our honorable Armed Forces.

My giveaway will be a one of a kind Picatoo Necklace, pictured in the blue hat. The drawing will be held  Wednesday the 18th of February. All who comment here will be entered one time only so be sure to leave your contact info. Happy blogging and have a ton of fun!


  1. Hi Jan.
    Your dolls are great! It's nice to meet you, way down there in sunny Cape Coral. We are expecting 2-3 of snow over then next couple of days. I'm thrilled! Blizzards are my favorite kind of weather!

    I'd love to win your doll giveaway, but I also hope you get lots more comments!

    God bless!

  2. Hi Janice! It's so nice to "meet" you! Thank you so much for leaving that lovely comment on my blog. :) Your dolls are lovely and it was fun looking at your artistic talent! I hope you have fun with Vicki's party and make lots of new friends!

  3. Hi jan I am coming by from the blog party and so glad to have happened on your lovely blog. I see we have a lot in common. Your dolls are so creative and show the love you put into them.
    I am now following.

  4. Hi Jan, I am coming from the blog party and am working my way down the list through the different blogs. Your dolls are adorable. I have visited Florida a couple of times both in and around Orlando. We did make it to Tampa and Cape Kennedy while we were visiting your state. I live in the Midwest and we have such a roller coaster ride weather wise. Have fun blog hopping. Shirley@shirleystitches

  5. Hi Janice, love your dolls. Your are very creative. I am following and will be back to visit.

  6. Such fun to scroll down and see all your wonderful little dolls! I used to make dolls at one time but we live in an apartment now and I really don't have room for the large ones I made. Thank you for inviting us over to visit. Enjoy the tour

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad ;you were inspired. Your blog is very cheery!

  8. Hi Janice! My name is Kelly and I've enjoyed browsing through your blog! I must say you are one talented lady! You're dolls are beautiful! I also wanted to say thank you for serving this wonderful country!

  9. Hello Janice! I had to
    Check you out! I told you! Hahahaha what a lovely surprise! I love what I see here! And I deeply admire those who served in the AF. I bow to you! My bday is Feb 19th and winning this would be one heck of a present!

  10. I love your dolls! sarah@forrussia.org

  11. Hi Janice, and thank you for visiting my blog, and my character dolls, the Dollivers! they send greetings to your dolls, they made me say that.

    This blog is such fun, and I'll be visiting regularly.

  12. Hi Janice! Thanks for visiting me at my blog :) So nice to finally get here (a week of illness interfered with my visiting, unfortunately).

    I love how involved and educated you have gotten on the subject of dolls. You must be somewhat of an authority by now! Though I've dabbled in many sewing arts over the years, I've not had a lot of experience with doll-making. I will be taking an online course this year which includes making jointed doll bodies from polymer clay (which I love to use). I see that is one of your many specialties :)

    I hope if I am the fortunate winner of your necklace, you will explain a bit about the "Picatoo" doll and its history :)

  13. Nice to meet you, Janice! I am slow getting the visits in. We are finishing up a kitchen remodel, and floors are next major thing on the list...though they may have to wait a few years. I love the floor shown in your previous post!

  14. Hello Janice, so nice to meet you! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) I loved reading your story and how you got so excited to start making dolls. I had this same experience with making collages and books. A whole new world opened up. Isn't it great how we inspire each other in the crafty blog world? I'm going to follow your adventures through Google+ and Feedly. Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Wendy of Apple and Apricot blogsvanwendy@live.nl

  15. Isn't it great when something really resonates with you - and you go for it!
    Popped by from GYB.

  16. I know I am very late..Fortunately this is a long party that can go on all year, right? I have been out of town due to serious long term illness of a family member..After being given the opportunity for a break, I decided to came back home for a few weeks to take care of things that piled up..


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