February 19, 2015

We Have A Picatoo Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly Deal on Google+! She's the winner of my blog party Gingerbread Picatoo Necklace!

Below are pics of other Picatoos I have made in the past. Aren't they cutey-wutey?

    What are Picatoos you may ask? According to my  granddaughter A’keyla, a cutie wutie picatoo is anything that is soft, lovable and colorful. It can be almost any shape, size or color combinations. It cannot be an animal, person or thing known to man, woman or child and it has to be more than one color and texture.  Most Cutie-Wutie Picatoos  have to be safe and able to be held by a child old enough to hold a sippy cup while supervised by an adult. Some have special embellishments and vintage jewelry and is for big kids only 12 and older. It is great company if one is sick at home or (God forbid!) in the hospital. A'keyla had several 5 years ago when she was at Children's Hospital and the nurses and doctors thought they were wonderful for sick kids! It is great for big people too and can be a comfort to have in an office to squeeze when the workday is more work than it usually is! It has to be made from natural fibers like cotton or wool on the outside and has to be  stitched or glued with non toxic adhesives and filled with a really super polyfil that doesn’t bunch. 
Most importantly of all, it must be a lot of fun and the best friend  ever to whomever is fortunate enough to own one.(or more!).


  1. congratulations to the winner Kelly! You will love it !!

  2. OMG! I won! I'm honored Janice! You're creations are beautiful works of art! That Gingerbread Picatoo necklace is adorable! How should I send you my information?

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  3. Januce! You won my Grow your blog giveaway but you are a non reply blogger. Contact me please! xxx


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