July 21, 2014

Still Here!

It's been a weird 6 weeks for me. I've been wanting to create but absolutely unable to do so. Is it the PTSD? My mommies' passing? Post menopausal syndrome? The humid stormy weather? Or a combination of any or all of these? My studio is a mess. I can's decide on a color scheme so I have blotches of different shades of paint on the walls. I want one wall to be a vintage floral pattern but have not found exactly what I like. I really can't paint until I decide on the wallpaper.

I want to take up the boring beige carpet in put down wood or a lovely tile that mimics wood. I want to make curtains for the window once everything else is done.

 I also need a shelving system. Maybe I should consult with a professional organizer or decorator. Lord help me to get it in gear!

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