June 2, 2014

Resting with Jesus!

Hello my friends! This is to share with you that Mommy slipped away home to Jesus at 2:10 am this morning. She would have been 94 on June 10th. What a gift she was to her family and so many others. Thank you Lord for the gift of her life!


  1. Oh, Janice, I am so sorry about Mommy. I should have been there for you. At least being here on your blog for you is something I can do. But I'm too late for that too! It's no wonder it was a weird six weeks for you. I have hardly been going to anyone's blog of late. I did the 'Mad Tea Party' on my blog on July 12th and that was the last I did a blog post for July, a whole month ago. Summer has just been so busy, it hasn't been the normal creative spurt I usually have going.
    I love you! And think of you often dear friend!
    Rest in Peace in Jesus arms, Mommy.

    1. Dear Teresa it's ok really! I've noticed that several blog friends and people I've followed for years have not posted much in the last 4-5 months. We all have busy lives and life happens to all of us both good and bad. I am just happy to be able to view your post and see that you're well. Thank you for your expression of love and I continue to think of you often as well and thank The Lord for your friendship. Stay blessed, Jan


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