April 28, 2014

My Humble Apologies

I have been so neglectful of everything blog and dollie that I am enormously ashamed. There has been several very serious family complications and of course this just multiplied my anxiety and depression to the nth degree. I feel as lifeless as the limpest of limp noodles. God help!! I think of you all often but just could not garner the energy or strength of mind to communicate. It's been a month for peace sake! I fully intend to have a drawing for my dollie giveaway as soon as some normalcy comes to fore. Also the projects are covered in dust from lack of attention. I think a feel a panic attack at my elbow!


  1. Thinking of you, dear Janice, and lifting you up in prayer! Hugs

  2. Remember, To put your Armor on. and Gain Strength from Gods word. BIBLE,

    1. Thank you Dawn for your encouragement.


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