May 1, 2013

It's Time To Get My Hands Dirty!

Ok, so I've been a little lazy in my doll making lately. Procrastinating even. Still a lot of organizing to do. I was looking at clay today and scraps of fabric. Got to start something new maybe. Maybe sooner than you think. I plan to enter a juried event in Sarasota, FL. The theme is Victorian Steampunk at this cool bead store, so a lot of bead embellishment is required. Me making a Victorian Steampunk doll. Really!

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  1. Oooo! Janice, this sounds like fun! I love the Steampunk style.
    I'm so late in posting the Liebester Awards. I am going to post each individual artist/doll maker with their own separate post on my blog. That way I can really highlight each artist, not just a list of names. And it will make my other blog followers aware of each person I choose. So..I will be highlighting you first! It may take me til the end of the week as we are going out of town during the middle of the week for a couple of days. And I'll have seven questions for you to answer and post on your own blog.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Steampunk doll with beads! You are a mastermind when it comes to creativity.


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