May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

I give thanks to Father God for another year and His constant presence in my life. I am 56 years young and feel better today than I did a year ago. I am eating better and started a exercise program 2 weeks ago. One day at a time is always best and I am determined not to worry about tomorrow. Why? Because as my beloved only sister reminds me "God's got it!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Janice, Happy Birthday to you!
    Yay! Sorry I am late in wishing you a Happy Birthday. But the Holy Spirit sent me to your blog so here I am!!!
    I like the phrase you posted about God and 'No Worries'. I know sometimes I worry about things I can't change and need to realize God is in control.
    I want to do a very good posting about all of the ones I want to nominate for the Liebster brain has been fried lately and I had other blog commitments before I could 'get on with it!' And life has been crazy in between times...when is is ever 'not' crazy?
    Oh, and when I heard about Oklahoma and the tornado that one was really sad. America has just been having too many sad things happening to it.
    love you,
    I haven't even put up more posts to sell more dolls as my oldest son still does need help. Thank you for your sweet offers to help out.
    I'll get there eventually...

    1. Oh Happy Day! Ola Teresa! Thanks for your good wishes and a visit from you is never too late. I pray for the world and try not to let the devastation of the world devastate me as only God knows the true whys and whens of life. Sometimes I am successful and other times I fail miserably as it is hard not to be affected by the senseless suffering of others.

      I am here for you in whatever small way that is helpful for you. Thank God for friendships as only He knows how to establish. Much love, Jan


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