May 18, 2010


By golly I think I've finally got it!! Three columns for my blog and I did it through blood, sweat, and tears! Now I have to be about getting more dollies ready for my Early Work Mercantile launch on June 1st!!


  1. Hey! Jan
    It's me! Your long lost friend, Teresa S.
    I have been thinking about you and hope your move went well. I will be keeping my attention focused on 'Early Work Mercantile' on June 1st...sounds like a perfect place for your creations.
    Take care,
    Teresa in California

  2. Teresa, my girl buddy! The move was not quite as painful as anticipated! Love my new place! I hope Valina continues to behave herself! I am happy about Early Work Mercantile. Say happy birthday to me, I'm 53 today! Scary, huh? Love Jan


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