September 11, 2009

Do What You Love…The Rest Will Come!!

I saw this note of inspiration somewhere online, I wish I remembered where because it spoke so clearly to my creative heart. I wanted to share it with others who may be struggling with "thinking outside the box"! I was a nurse for years and loved it, but due to severe emotional and physical health challenges for the past four years I had to make the decision to allow negative circumstances to push me out of my comfort zone. There was much self analysis, overcoming fear of the unknown, and seeking divine guidance from my beloved Father God. I did much study in the past 7-8 months and became on a first name basis with the librarian in my neighborhood. I read historical fashion books, books on doll making and anatomy devoured info and gained inspiration via the internet. Cheeky Rose Boutique and my Etsy shop is the result of listening to divine guidance and surrendering to the hunger in me to be FREE!!!

I pray this helps others to do what you've never done in order to go where you've never been. I know without a vestige of doubt that the best years of my life are ahead of me and this is just the beginning of something greater than I can even imagine. I am a creator in the mirror image of my Creator, so create I will!! I am considering fashion designing and writing inspirational books so lookout world, here I come! There is still things to learn and tweak with my doll business and Etsy shop but I am a fast and conscientious student with a spongelike capacity to absorb knowldege. It is a lot of work, some frustration at times, but also a lot of fun! So go with me if you dare!!!

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