October 11, 2014

What Do The Fox Say????

Greetings and hugs to all. I think things have settled enough so that I can create new dolls. Take a look! Will be at Etsy with a couture kitty on some bunnies on Monday!

Foxy lady in couture costume. Sculpted head is paper clay painted with artists' acrylics. Approximately 18 inches in height, cloth body filled with premium stuffing with wire frame.  Arms and legs can be posed.  Fluffy attached tail that can be bent in different directions. Has an invisible loop at the back of the neck for hanging display.
 Coming in a day or so is  a really cool kitty! The idea of these dolls came from a European artist Alice Mary Lynch. Her dolls (she calls them bespokes) are completely made of cloth and she uses a lot of vintage clothing and baubles to decorate her dolls. She has done work in collaboration with Victoria Beckham and other fashion houses. There are other artists that does similar kind of work but I thinks she is the best.

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  1. Hello! Janice
    It was lovely for you to come visit me at my blog. How are you, my dear? I love what you are creating. The Lord is good to us and is supplying our needs, and I hope yours and your needs are also being supplied. My oldest son will soon have his first baby, he and his wife are so excited! Grandchildren are from the Lord!
    love and hugs,


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