January 31, 2014

Grow Your Blog Giveaway

In honor of the Grow Your Blog 2014  and Valentine season that is right around the corner I am giving away this Cupid Picatoo Necklace. 
 Say hello to Cupid Picatoo, a delightfully whimsical felt  pup on a necklace made of tulle, seed pearls and grosgrain ribbon. He is an absolutely one of a kind folk art necklace and even has his own little bow and arrow made of found objects and pink aluminum wire! His hair is a feathered tuff of black boa, the eyes are pink and white sparkly pom poms with sequin pupils. His smile is formed from a fragment of faux floral and the nose is a round wiggle eye. A black satin ribbon makes a big bow around his neck and the piece de resistance is a vintage floral heart on the left chest . The drawing will be on Feb 15th so be sure to leave a comment and become a follower if you are so inclined. I would love to have you! Blessings, Jan

 Too Cute Cupid Picatoo Necklace


  1. Goodness...I thought I was already following you here. I get very confuzzled at times but ya know that already..hehe

    This lil guy is sooo cute!!!!!


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    2. You really make me lol Regina! You are too cute yourself lady!

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    1. Thank you Dawn! He is rather isn't he?

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful giveaway, dear Janice :) Have a wonderful weekend - hugs!

  4. Lovely giveaway. The necklace is so unique. Nice meeting you and seeing your wonderful blog!

  5. Visiting from the Grow Your Blog Hop, and I must say...you have some very beautiful pictures here, and enjoyed them each very much. Love your office/work space, beautiful!! One day I hope to have such a lovely space to work in. It is important to have all the things around you that you love to be inspired by when creating! I just joined your blog, I crochet, visit mine sometime! Hugs, Sandy www.sanderellascrochet.wordpress.com

  6. Hello Janice, my name is Dawn your my one stop on the blog party, Hope that I soon will be friends with all of you cyber neighbors. I just say that 600 plus bloggers that sign up to the Party and I am only up to 36 whew a lot of good read and great giveaways. Thanks for this opportunity to join friends with you and be apart of your giveaway. Can't wait to see more of your great projects in the making. My site overboardcreations.blogspot.com


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