January 24, 2013

A Little Something For A Friend

I declare,  all I seem to bring these days is not so good news. Been feeling a bit fatigued and coughing due to congestion in my left lung for a week or two. Thought it was allergy but it got a bit worse every day.  I've a history of bronchitis and sinusitis but no respiratory problems for about 4 years. I called my VA doctor's office and gave them my symptoms and they insisted I go in for a chest x-ray. Walking pneumonia people!!! Never had pneumonia before but I guess there is a first time for everything! So no visits to mom's for a while but my darling Reggie is going as our representative! What a guy!

The prim valentine is for a dear face book friend Regina and unless she visits here it'll be a cute surprise! We're sort of swapping little cuties back an forth 5 times over the next 6 months. Love you!

January 22, 2013

Special At Etsy Shop!!!

Greetings everyone! I will temporarily be suspending my activities at my Etsy shop. Click on the link in the right hand column for a special clearance sale. No reasonable offer will be refused. Layaway is available on some items. From time to time I may I may list an item with the same offer available. Due to heavy personal obligations I don't have the energy to give to my online endeavors. I will be back on a regular basis when I am able to do so. I will be updating my posts here to check in every other week or so. Love you all! Have a blessed week my friends!

January 13, 2013

One Day At A Time!!

OK all, I am digging deep and trying to restart at least one doll project. Mom is terminal but stable for now so I must at least try and craft something or end  up possibly jumping off the top of Mount Rushmore! I thank you all for your prayers and good wishes and even though I may not leave a post I have visited most of your sites. It's the next best thing to creating for myself! Oh, and by the way, we are in the process of buying a new house in Cape Coral to boot!!!! Love and Hugs, Jan