January 13, 2013

One Day At A Time!!

OK all, I am digging deep and trying to restart at least one doll project. Mom is terminal but stable for now so I must at least try and craft something or end  up possibly jumping off the top of Mount Rushmore! I thank you all for your prayers and good wishes and even though I may not leave a post I have visited most of your sites. It's the next best thing to creating for myself! Oh, and by the way, we are in the process of buying a new house in Cape Coral to boot!!!! Love and Hugs, Jan


  1. You go girl!! Just start with one thing for your next doll, because then you've started!! It really is a gift to create when you are going through what you are right now! Will continue to pray for you and your mother.

    Congrats on your new house!! Cape Coral sound lovely~~ Hooray!!
    Love you,

  2. My sweet Jan....my thoughts are with you and your mom. I have traveled down this road and know it's a hard one. I think crafting is a great way to help relive some stress. That's why I call it "My therapy". So craft my friend...craft!!

    Congrats on the new HOME too...


  3. Hi, Janice
    Love this digital photo of Mount Rushmore!
    Oh, my dear, you do have your days full. I will pray more earnestly for you, the caregiver, and for your dear precious mother. I have been reading 'The Hiding Place' by Corrie Ten Boom. It is such an inspirational book especially as we head toward the end times as a nation. America is not what it used to be, but God is still here and so are his children working on the side lines. We may again have to be 'underground' Christians if we are persecuted like scriptures tell us that will eventually happen.
    Don't wear yourself out. I know how easy it is to have everyone else to take care of and then the caregiver wears herself out. I know doing crafts was my 'escape' when I was caring for my husbands mother on and off for three years. Bless her heart, she is now with the Lord over a year and a half ago.
    Please take good care of yourself,
    lots of love,
    Sorry you can't join in on 'Our World Our Art'. I will be thinking of you!

  4. God will take you through dear...I have been there...my mother is terminal but she is still hanging strong. we love one day at a time....art does help ease the mind...because it takes your mind off worrying....the opposite of worry is faith so lean on God....Bless you, Alice

  5. How exciting to move! We have lived here for 30 years and I am more than ready to relocate for a fresh start!

  6. Sometimes a day is too much. I need to do it fifteen minutes at a time. And do. Prayers

  7. Hello friend,
    Sending you that special happy music that Joe played and asking it to follows your spirit. Prayers for your mother and you and thinking of you!!


  8. It is so nice to meet you. Your blog is lovely. I'm still making my way through visiting everyone from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party. I hope you will stop by to say hello.


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