September 19, 2013

Controversial Concept of Art Originality or The Lack Thereof!!

This is an interesting point of view with some very valid arguments! Like anything else there are those who would agree and those who would strongly disagree!! Go here and here for more info!Equal parts manifesto and how-to, Steal Like An Artist aims to introduce readers to the idea that all creative work is iterative, no idea is original and all creators and their output are a sum of inspirations and heroes…” Forbes . The author quotes Ecclesiastes 1:9  that which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. What do you think?
Keep having to look this up... realized I should just pin it.

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  1. Being influenced by others is part of the joy of being an artist; having an idea woken and inspired by seeing something already made. It's probably deeply ingrained in us as human beings.


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