March 28, 2013

Spring Is Here!

 What a coincidence! I just found this Vera Bradley display case and Vicki here is having a fab Vera Bradley giveaway!

 Have a blessed Easter weekend! Jesus really did sacrifice His life for the world and is love personified!


  1. Oh my gosh-- I'd kill for that VB case!! Lucky you!!

  2. Hello, dearest Janice
    Oh, thank you so very much for your permission to use Valentina as part of your 'love offering' to sell her as part of the contribution while I am in the midst of selling dolls. I will put a reasonable price on her and 'talk her up' that she is the most special doll from a very special lady! Seeing as she was made in the Queen Anne vintage style should add some 'clout' to her lovely image.
    It is my oldest son who had contracted West Nile Meningitis this past fall/winter who is in financial need because of ER room, four day hospital stay, and two or three doctor bills. He was helped out some by the state because of low income but you know how expensive the rest of the balance can be, and will hardly be covered with normal daily living expenses on top of everything else.
    many heart-felt blessings go out to you my dear friend,


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