February 27, 2013

Change Is Hard But Can Be Good

Greetings all! Since change is my middle name these days and I can't sculpt anything I thought I would lighten up the look of my blog. What do you think?  I recently dropped the hyphenated Moore(my first married name!) from everything. Also Petty is on everything related to our new home purchase and my Reggie didn't want any last minute surprises at closing!  I had to get a new driver's license, SS card etc., and I am in the process of editing my name on all sites. Like many of you I am going through major life changes. Much of it is positive and I thank Father-God for the positive as I proceed through the challenges.

I am continuing to study different types of dollmaking as I do intend to take it to the next level whenever I unpack everything and set up my new studio. There is much to learn and experience in the development of my creative process. I am also encouraged  in the healing process of my emotions and spiritual progress. I am spending more time meditating on God's Word and identifying myself as it relates to me as a child of God. After all He is the master Creator and I am made in His image! I encourage all of you to do the same because it is increasingly difficult times in this world and we need all the help we can get from God's word and His presence. Let's continue to pray for each other and those who need Christ in their lives, which of course is the entire world!!

I want to share with you one of the last photos taken this past Christmas of my mom surrounded by a few of her grands and great-grand-kids. The lady in back with red hair is my daughter Nikki. A'keyla her daughter is right next to her and Jonathan her son is standing in navy in the front with my mom. The other kids are 1st and 2nd cousins. There were so many of them there that we had to borrow the church hall to have the dinner!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog update and embracing your new life changes! God bless and keep the faith sis!

  2. It is good of you to drop in for a visit! I appreciate the encouragement and the blessing and you'd better believe I'm keeping the faith and hope it grows! Hugs, Jan

  3. What a beautiful photograph Jan!

  4. Just wanted you to know who UNKNOWN was!


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