November 24, 2012


I've had somewhat of a creative block in the past 2 weeks and I am fighting to overcome this problem. I have been reviewing old posts and looking at where I am now versus then to sort of kick-start the creative juices. I think it is working as yesterday I was able to get out the old trusty Dremel and sand several doll parts. I am hopeful that this trend continues. I have important projects to finish before Christmas!

Emily Charisse was my first Queen Anne Doll and my first doll period made from a homemade paper mache recipe. The storage box was made with her originally but the display box was added after.
God is good, we just have to recognize this in good and challenging times! Pray for those in need and for each other. Have a blessed and safe weekend my friends!!


  1. Jan- thank you for your visit and your willingness to make a scarf for the project! I would be humbled to accept anything you make or purchase! Your gift will be so very appreciated and I will be thrilled to show your gift and link to your blog so that folks can meet you!
    Thank you--

  2. H Jan, Creativity is a mysterious gift, it is like a miracle don't you think to witness what comes out of our imaginations and hands? About creativity. It is part of all of life. It can be how we speak to another person, or what we wear or how we dance while we make dinner, or what we make for dinner or set the table. You are creative in many ways, I think!!

    Thank you for your kind comment about my great mom, Jan!! I was SO fortunate to have her for 55 years!!



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