April 3, 2011

With Or Without Face?

I have a dilemma and would like your input please! For a more primitive look I am considering not adding any facial features. What do you think? Should I leave well enough alone, or face the  idea of eyes, noses and mouths? Thank you in advance for your valuble input.


  1. Hi Janice! First of all, these two are so delightful they make me squeal!! Without a face they are fine but I always think the eyes are the gateway to the soul so I am always for something on a face. I think that people overdo things generally (complete generalization, sorry) and either overpaint or overdo a face (too heavy application of paint and detail so they leave nothing for the imagination of the viewer), or they do nothing and everything is left up to the viewer. I am for the middle road. Paint or embroidery or applique or whatever method used done with a very sparing touch. A suggestion of things. A light smudge of rouge or a suggestion of a mouth. Not slapped on, put on with thought but lightly. Same with the eyes. Just a hint of things. Okay have I made my point? I am rambling today, sorry. Creative hugs to you, Norma

  2. I love the "no face" dolls. I have been making them since I was a kid. The face shows even without the face.

  3. Hi Janice, They are beautiful the way the are , but i think they would be even more beautiful with some features. You can make them kinda light for more of worn look. But what ever you do they are a gorgous pair,
    Dolly Hugs,

  4. Thanks so much ladies for your valuable input! The consensus from all my sites was to go with the light facial features and since I am so diplomatic I of course will go with the majority. Have a blessed week!


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