April 6, 2010

                New African American Primitive Dollies!

This little cutie is 10 year old Lula and her cloth dolly Lillie! Both are dressed in hand stitched outfits ready to go visiting with Mama! I think I will be focusing on more African American 19th century dollies for a while. The larger naked dolly is waiting rather impatiently to be dressed in her finery as well! She wants a bonnet to complete her ensemble so I guess I'd better be about it quickly!


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  1. Hi! Janice,
    I left a comment on the 'envelope' pictured. I love your sweet new dollies! I hope you are getting my comments as they don't seem to be being posted. How have your been? It looks like your are keeping busy.
    Have a great day!
    Teresa Swanson


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