January 31, 2010

New Girls On The Block!

Here's three of the cutest little girls I have ever seen! A golden blonde,  a redhead, and a strawberry blonde to boot! Right now I'm working on perfecting their "do's" before putting the costumes together! How cutie-wutie are they? The measurements from left to right are 3 1/2 inches, 3 inches, and 6 1/2 inches. They're all little Queen Annes and will probably be sold as a family. I just hate to separate my sweeties, just like the Divas I'm giving away together! What does that say about me I wonder? I would appreciate some input with naming them as all my dollies must have names before leaving the roost! I'll have a special little prize for the author of the winning name!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! Jan
    Love these three dollies!
    And you want some names too!
    Well, my daughter's name is Lavender, the lady across the street's name is Iris, and my favorite flower is Violet! Are those good names?
    Are you going to take the dolls to the gallery when finished? or put them on Etsy?
    Thank you my sweet friend!
    Teresa in California


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