November 27, 2013

Have A Minnie Mouse Happy Thanksgiving!

Minnie's bodysuit was finished yesterday including her socks. Everything at this point is permanently attached. I shall do her permanent white gloves today. The day after Thanksgiving I will start her removable wardrobe. I may make her a blanket if I have enough Minnie Mouse themed fabric on hand. Be thankful to God in all you do and stay safe. Blessings, Jan

November 24, 2013

Dollie News

This has been Minnie's journey so far. She will be 19 inches long when complete.She will have a wardrobe of 3-5 outfits including pjs, mittens and hats.  She just loves to sit and watch the Christmas tree rotate!

November 15, 2013

Back In The Saddle!

I am feeling much better and have resumed work on a custom order. The head in the oven will be a special doll and the larger head a light of some sort. I haven't decided which way the light should shine. Go with me as these things come to be. Happy weekend!

November 8, 2013


Nasty flu bug,