June 11, 2013

New Dollye Coming!

I'm not quite sure if she will be a queen anne or not. I think I like the green and purple combo. It's different. Maybe I'll make a doll with green hair! I still need to get started on my steampunk doll!

June 10, 2013

Happy 93rd Birthday Mama!

Happy birthday to you, may God keep you! We love you we do, happy birthday to you!!

June 9, 2013


I have been awarded the lovely honor of  THE  LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD by a marvelous blogger in her own right and a dear friend Teresa of A Magical Whimsy,


1.  Who inspired you the most in the realm of art while you were growing up?  Hmmmm, let me think! I think it wasn't who inspired me as much as what inspired me! I grew up on a 20 acre farm in Michigan with 4 siblings, a host of animals and acres of woods and ponds to explore! I really was inspired by my surroundings created by the greatest artist of all, our creator God!

2.  When you are creating your dolls, do you tend to find an 'Ah! Ha! moment when all of the right fabrics and ideas come together? Ok Oprah let;s see! Sometimes yes and other times it comes in increments as I go along. Sometimes it seems to magically come together and other times I struggle with "artist's block!

3.  Do you make sketches of your creations before making them into your dolls? I almost never make sketches as I was not endowed with the gift of drawing. Weird don't you think?

4. What on-line sites have inspired your creative muse, such as ning sites, swaps sites, challenges for magazines, etc? MAIDA for sure and numerous fellow artists of the more established sort.

5.  What advice would you give to a fledgling artists to encourage them to get started to make their own dreams come true in the realm of art?  Go to the library and borrow books on doll making, historical fashion and costumes. Try to do  something in the realm  of art every day even if it's just tidying your art studio. And no matter how frustrated you may become don't give up!

6. Are you a Mozart person or a Beatles person or do you tend to like both styles of music? I am definitely a lover of all kinds of music except hard rock! I love Christmas music even out of season.

7.  Who has been your guide in life? As a youngster my parents and as an adult all the delicious wisdom of God's word!

8.What are the five best individual words that describe who you are? Intense, nurturing, whimsical and weird!

9. Please list all of the sites where your dolls and creations can be purchased or seen on-line or in galleries.
 Cheeky Rose Boutique, Etsy, Ebay, Pinterest, Flickr, Arts of ACT Gallery in Fort Myers, FL, Bob  Rauschenberg Gallery, Fort Myers, Fl, KAW Gallery, Naples, Fl.

10.  Please list four positive things about yourself. I love truth, I love to help others, I am fair minded and a great listener.
11.  What are your latest goals and how do you hope to achieve them? I want to develop a more recognizable style of doll making, and become a published artist in several art publications. I will continue to make dolls and experiment until my style is obvious to the observer. I will quit procrastinating and submit work to my favorite doll and folk art publications.

Thanks again  my dear Teresa of A Magical Whimsy!

June 2, 2013