April 9, 2013

New Home Disarray!

Making progress but still a long way to go! The Home Depot man was here to put up the last of the verticals which had to be custom made due to the the size of the sliding glass opening. We're in the market for a new sectional but can't decide which one. It may take 6-8 weeks if we order one. You can go to Mars faster than that!! Part of my therapist's input is that I have bright colors and lots of light around me. The condo was rather dark.  I love colors and these are my main colors for the great room, den and dining area. A sectional with a sofabed is an idea. The sectionals below are contenders.  Too many choices makes me nervous! I need Reggie to help make the final decision before my brain starts aching! Thank God for him as he supervised and the movers did practically everything (he made me lie down before I drove him nuts. Too much activity for me!).
Thanks Home Depot for your great service and special discounts on the laundry set!
Here are more pics of my new home and me! I hate make up except lipstick at times so no comments please and I was too tired to do anything to my hair!
I have wanted this red pair for two years now and God has blessed me to have them. Thank you Lord!

The art room is overwhelming in it's need for becoming functional. Hubby says it is my job no matter how long it takes. A little today, a little tomorrow. At some point he will give in and help me. As we go along paint will be added to some of the walls of the house as they are all whitish in color and rather bland. Reggie will probably get someone to help with most of it. He has a physical impairment  and will end up in bed for a week if he tries to do too much. We need furniture for the lanai. It's pretty big! Time to rest now as  I am feeling  anxious and jittery! Trying to push myself too much! Enjoy the pics!