February 26, 2014

With The Grace Of God

Greetings all! For my new friends who don't know and my old friends who do, I have been struggling with the symptoms of PTSD (read here!!!) for years and the downs can be very down. It has been extremely difficult to motivate myself for the past 10 days or so to continue present projects. I apologize for the delay in posting new photos and hope to resume my work soon rather than later. Hugs and much love, Jan

February 15, 2014

We Have A Winner!

Yea!!! Kippy's So Mature is the winner of Cupid the Picatoo Necklace!

These are other Picatoo dolls and necklaces I have done in the past.

February 7, 2014

A Living Doll and 2 Dolls in Progress

This lovely family is celebrating the birth of Tori Jonil! My niece Carla and her lovely husband Rodley welcomed this little lady on Tuesday last week. They reside in Naples, Fl and are blissfully happy!

A new small dollye in progress, perhaps a queen anne?

Minne the 2nd was put aside for a while, was actually partially dismanteled as I was not happy with the original. But now I think my stride is back so look for more pics next week. Have a blessed weekend everyone!